Christmas Gift Guide for K-Beauty Lovers

Hi all,

The Holidays are coming up and you should start thinking about who you need to buy presents for, what you are getting them and what you are getting for yourself. Yes, you heard me! Don’t forget to buy a little something for yourself as a Christmas treat, I am sure you have earned it!

Having said all that, you might be into Korean Beauty products but how about your family? And your friends? If you want to convert your family and friends to the K-beauty side we have the perfect gifts for them selected below. But also for that ultimate K-Beauty expert which might be yourself we have selected a couple of neat gifts too!

We have separated all of our gifts in the following groups:

  • The ‘K-beauty die hard’ – you and your BFF
  • The ‘has never used any beauty products’ – your lost niece
  • The ‘beautylover who hasn’t found out that K-beauty exists – that one good friend

The K-Beauty die hard 

Are you a ultimate k-beauty know it all? Or does that sound like a perfect description of one of your friends or family members? Do you find it tricky to buy them some K-Beauty presents because you are afraid they already have the item laying around in their makeup drawer or bathroom. We currently have two limited edition sets of Holika Holika which are especially made for the Holiday season. They are the:

These sets come in the cutest packaging so it isn’t even necessary to wrap them anymore. The Skin Good Cera Set has two full sized products: the Good Cera Ultra Sleeping Pack and the Good Cera All In One Master. The whole Good Cera line of Holika Holika contains ‘Ceramide’ which is really moisturizing for the skin. Especially around the cold winter days it is great to have some deep moisturizing products in your skin routine. The other set is a set of makeup miniatures containing three items: the Daily Garden Lip & Eye remover, the Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner in black and the Heartfull Moisture Lipstick.

The one who has never used any beauty products at all

It is very important here to choose the right gift for this type of friend or family member. They haven’t used any beauty products at all so we can’t give them anything that is difficult to use. The product must be fun and not too intriguing. The perfect way to start off is with sheet masks. They only have to tear open the pouch apply the mask to the face and relax. Anyone can do it and anyone would enjoy it. Also a all one in one cream would be a great option, because they can use it all over the body. We recommend the following items:


The O.2 Therapy Air Mask is a great low budget sheet mask which comes in a broad range of ‘flavors’. Since it is easy to use and they are really the most affordable masks we have they are great for your friend to repurchase after. If you want to go crazy you can buy 10 of them and put them in a cute box, or if you are a bit last minute: put a silk ribbon around and add a small card. The Milky Piggy Water Lock Hydrogel Mask is a little more high end. The smooth gel like texture will guarantee a luxury feeling while locking all your skins moisture. The box contains 5 individually wrapped masks so it’s perfect as a gift. The Aloe 99% Soothing gel is also a great gift for the winter time. It can be used all over the body such as on the elbows, knees and other dry patches, under the eyes against puffiness or on the face as a moisturizer. Select our ‘Gift Wrap’ option and we even wrap it up for you!

The beauty lover who hasn’t found out that K-beauty exists

Your friend or family member obviously loves her makeup and skincare products since she takes out her Urban Decay Naked Palette every single time you are preparing for a party, but she hasn’t even tried a K-beauty product yet. Now, my friend, it is time for you to come in with some great gifts and you will be the best family member / fried ever. Guaranteed! Now what would we select for such a fashionista who knows all about beauty blenders and the perfect eye shadow pallettes. Actually it’s easy. We only have to surprise this person. And the following products will definitely surprise anyone:


The Berrisom My Real Honey Cushion is a great gift winter gift because of it’s moisturizing effects. Even for those who have already used cushions before it still has a couple of surprise elements such as the case which can be changed into different designs and the use of the product since you have to push the middle of the cushion for the product to come out, you are not wasting any cream on the sponge or the puff. Quite cool right? And another Berrisom product: the Oops! My Lipt Tint Pack Set. This isn’t something like any product your friend has tried before! It has to be applied to the lips, then it will dry up so you can peel it off and reveal a long lasting lip color! If that doesn’t have an element of surprise I don’t know anymore. Of course you can buy the individual products as well but the whole set has more of a Christmas status to it. And then the Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask by Elizavecca. Of course this person could have used some type of face mask before, but a mask that creates a huge foam layer on your skin to remove dirt from the pores? I don’t think so. The packaging also has a cute piggy so do I need to explain more?


If you are still not sure what to get, we would suggest the all time bestselling Korean Beauty Box and let us pick all the items for you. You don’t even have to worry about wrapping it anymore!


We hoped our gift guide helps you find the right gift for your K-beauty loving friend!




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