Etude House Point lashes review with Suiren

Suiren visited us for a day at the Ichigo office to shoot some new products. She really wanted to try out our Etude House lashes, since she didn’t tried any lashes from a Korean brand before. Since she wears lashes often for cosplays and special outfits I was wondering if she would like these.

In this look Suiren is wearing #01 Point lash and #01 Lower lash which are available here. The first thing that surprised her is that the lower lashes are longer in the middle then on the side. Usually with lashes they are a little bit longer on the edges instead of the middle. Even though it’s a little different then the usual lash design, when putting them on we found out that it actually looks really cute. Suiren has put on many lashes before so she told me the quality of the lashes can already be tested when you take them out of the box. The lashes should not break and are supposed to glide of the case easily. Even though these lashes have a thin lash band they slided easily out of the case without any damage. When putting on the glue, wait for it to become tacky before putting the lashes on your eyelids.



How long do these last?
These lasted for our whole shoot and the sushi dinner after, so we can say the glue quality is pretty good!
Are these suitable for monolids?
Since the lash band is a little thin (to create a natural effect) I would suggest using eyelid tape like this to create a perfect double crease.
What kind of effect do these lashes give?
These lashes enhance the eyes and make them bigger.
What kind of look are these lashes suitable for?
These lashes create a very natural bigger eye. For a more dramatic look we suggest #02 or  #03.


Final verdict:

If you are looking for a natural looking lash to enhance your eyes these are perfect for you! They have lasted all day and were easy to put on. If you want to go for that perfect double crease we suggest using eyelid tape before applying these lashes. If you want something a little more dramatic you can choose #02 or #03 or check out Holika Holika’s lashes here.



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