ICHIGO’S K-BEAUTY AWARDS – Best products of 2016

Because 2016 is almost over, it’s the perfect time to look back into this year and announce our most popular Korean Beauty products of 2016. We have all time favorites, new products which were instantly loved and products which were loved for their innovative concept. We have created this chart based on our sales of 2016 of both online (webstore) and offline (live shopping events) purchases. We have categorized all the beauty products into the following categories:


  • Cleansing
  • Masks
  • Patches
  • Sleeping packs
  • Moisturizing
  • Tools


  • Lip products
  • Cushions
  • Eye products
  • Blushes

Bestselling Products

  • Bestselling Beauty products overall from all categories.
For each category we have made a top three of the bestsellers in that category. Following is a small description of the Nr. 1 product and why it has become so popular. I will not put a description of the other two products in the list otherwise this post would become way too long. If you would like a detailed description of each product please click the button below each chart. Now let’s start off with skincare!


First of all let me start talking about the Banila & Co. Clean it Zero Cleansing Cream. This was introduced in 2011 (if I recall well) and everyone instantly raved about it after it won the Allure Award. Now in 2016 it’s back in our own chart! Why it deserves all the love? It has a thick cream like consistency which melts away all makeup and dirt from the skin easily. Since you only need a little bit for your whole face the tub goes a long way too! I started using mine in the beginning of august and I’m not even halfway the tub.

The Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay mask was your most popular pick in the mask section and we completely understand why. It was the first ‘bubbling’ mask out there and put Elizavecca straight onto the K-beauty market. After that more amazing Elizavecca products started to become popular however their all time bestseller remains this Bubble Clay Mask. The unique formula where the clay transforms into a huge bubble layer onto the skin is not only entertaining, it clears the pores from all the dirt and leftover makeup that can deeply clog up the pores.


If I do not include the products in the last chart, the COSRX Acne Pimple Master patches is definitely my favorite product of the whole list. These small ‘stickers’ can be put on top of your pimples, calm them down,prevent scars, prevent infections and suck out all of the nasty pus. Peeling them off gives the same satisfying feeling as peeling off a nose patch however with these patches you will see all of the juice the patch withdrew from your zit. Yuck! I’m sorry if I grossed you out a bit, but try it and you will thank me later. It will work best on pimples that you just popped, put a patch on there, go to sleep and it will be tremendously reduced in size the next morning. These patches will also prevent you from touching the pimple all the time. Yes, I know you are a scratcher!

The Etude House Bubble Tea sleeping pack wins the Ichigo award of cutest packaging! Don’t be fooled though, it’s not just the packaging that made this sleeping pack the most popular product of this category. On the bottom of the tub you will find these cool moisturizing bubble capsules which you need to mix in with the rest of the formula. By doing this you can adjust the moisturizing effect of the pack by yourself. For example, in the winter time when your skin is extremely dry, pop some more bubbles and mix them in, your skin will love you the next morning!


As someone who swears by the Korean 10 Step skin care routine but has an extremely busy life, the Holika Holika All In One Master Gudetama Edition is a life saver! The gel type formula is a moisturizer, toner and essence all in one and absorbs into the skin really quickly. If I come in home late, I remove my makeup, pop this on and go immediately to sleep. I take this with me when travelling too, it’s a great size and saves you the trouble from bringing too much products on your trip.

The A’PIEU Blackhead Wash Cleaner is not only suitable for blackheads, it’s two in one brush head scrubs away dead skin cells while getting deep into the pores. The bottom hole in the brush is also there for a reason, with this you can actually pop your pimples in the correct way. Yes, there is a specific way for popping pimples but I will tell you all about that in another post. We recommend using this with some kind of product made for blackhead extracting such as the Holika Holika Pig Nose Massage gel for perfect clean skin.

Now onto makeup products. These products were all so close together in popularity that in the end it had to come down to all of your detailed reviews. Not only did your reviews put this chart together, it helps other beauty lovers like you to choose the right products so thank you for that! Since cushions dominated all of the BB and CC creams this year we chose to dedicate the category to just Cushions this year. We hope you don’t mind 🙂

We will start with the ‘lips’ category and the winner is the Berrisom Oops! My Lipt Tint Pack. This product is a colored gel which you apply to the lips, wait for it to dry and then peel off. After you peel the pack off you will have long lasting tinted lips! The longer you leave the pack on, the more intense the color gets, I’m just not sure if you can keep waiting for the tint to dry knowing the satisfying feeling when you peel it off. So cool!

Then another COSRX product: the Make Me Lovely Cushion. There are so many reasons why this cushion is the most popular this year even though we just introduced it a month ago to our site. Compared to some other cushions the Make Me Lovely Cushion is really reasonably priced and is one of the only cushions out there made for sensitive / acne prone skin. It has a antibacterial cushion and a skin brightening formula which does not dry out the skin. The amazing formula combined with the clean packaging makes this a must try cushion for everyone.


We have come to the last two categories before we reach to our ultimate top three. The most loved product from the eyes category was the Snow White 2 Waterproof eyeliner set. This is such an amazing set for any beauty lover and a perfect gift for the Holidays. Not only does it have gorgeous packaging, it comes with five amazingly pigmented eyeliners which are perfect for the ‘Aegyo sal’ look or just to highlight your eyes. We recommend using this together with the Holika Holika Pro Beauty Eyeshadow Palette for the perfect holiday look.

Then your favorite from the blushers was the Berrisom Oops! Tint Cheek Cushion. This emulsion type blusher contains natural ingredients and is easy to apply with it’s unique cushion applicator. Since it so easy to use it is great for K-beauty newbies but also for those with dry skin. The emulsion applies smoothly preventing flaky skin. If we were to name one downside it would be that there is only two colors.

[woocommerce_reviews id=”1707″ product_title=”One Step Pimple clear pads” no_of_reviews=”1″ ]
[woocommerce_reviews id=”862″ product_title=”Dear Darling lip tint” no_of_reviews=”1″ ]
[woocommerce_reviews id=”348″ product_title=”I’m Real Sheet Mask” no_of_reviews=”1″ ]

Thank you for sticking with me to the end! You made it to the top three! Now you may ask me of course, why were these products so popular? They were crazy bestsellers on- and offline and I will explain you why! Let’s start from the bottom with the number 3 of the list.

Nr. 3 – Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheet

The Tony Moly Im Real sheet mask. Sheet masks are of course amazingly popular all the time, but out of all the sheet masks on our site this was your favorite all year long. You really can’t go wrong with these masks since they are free from parabens, talc, benozphenone and triethanolamine which are the main causes for irritating the skin. The sheet is soaked into a rich pulp which really soaks into your skin deeply making the mask feel extremely effective. Our favorite? Try the Makgeolli flavour, it can’t get more Korean then that!

Nr. 2 – Etude House Dear Darling Tint

Now onto the Nr. 2 is the Etude House Dear Darling lip tint. The Korean gradient lip look was the ultimate Korean Makeup look of 2016. Of course we liked the ‘aegyo sal’ look and the puppy eyes but in the end it was all paired up with the gradient lip look. With that hype being around it seemed like every brand added a lip tint to their assortment and even though this lip tint was almost beat by the 3CE Water Tint this remained your favorite. The most popular color was #04 Vampire Red, maybe thanks to the new season of Vampire Diaries coming out?

Nr. 1 – COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pads

Now finally onto our number one. The COSRX One Step Pimple clear pads. It’s certain that COSRX really made a smashing debut in 2016 having this as our bestseller. These pads were loved by not only those with acne prone skin, but popular with everyone. The pads function as a toner and are soaked into a rich pimple-eliminating essence. It helps prevent breakouts, clears the skin, eliminates pimples and helps to recover your skin from irritation. Even though the product itself doesn’t mention it one the packaging, it does a great job in removing the last makeup bits which can be left on the skin after cleansing. This product helped clean a lot of our customers skin up and we are sure it will be just as popular in 2017!


We hope you enjoyed this post 😀  Please let us know what your favorite products of 2016 were!

Thank you all for your support this year, we will continue spreading the love for Korean and Japanese fashion and beauty in 2017 and hope you will all be there with us! We wish you lot’s of love, luck and prosperity for the new year!

‘XO Team Ichigo

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  1. maartje says:

    This makes me wanna buy stuff!! Lovely post 😀 Im not too familiar with korean skincare so this is a good indication on where to start :3 as there is soooo much… I wouldn’t have a clue on what to get me first!

    • shopichigo says:

      Thank you! You can always ask us if you have some questions regarding k-beauty, we give personalized skincare advice for anyone interested 😀

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