3-Step Ultra Moisture Mask

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The A by Bom Ultra Moisture Mask is a unique three-step mask set which gives you all the luxury of a spa-like facial at home without an expensive price tag! The set includes three different steps:

1. EYE ESSENCE, to soothe the delicate eye area thanks to vegetable essential oils blend.

2. MOISTURIZING CREAM-ESSENCE. Infused with fresh herbal extracts, it soothes and revitalizes the highly dehydrated skin while waking up its radiance.

3. ULTRA-THIN SHEET MASK made from biodegradable cellulose, to place on top of the cream-essence to keep the active ingredients closer to the skin and optimize their absorption. Infused with fresh herbal extracts and a fermented plant complex, it restores the optimal moisture level of the skin and gives comfort.

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