I Dew Care Meet Your Patch (96pcs)


96 PATCHES IN THREE SIZES: Comes in three different sizes to cover multiple types of troubled skin all at once. Each pack contains a total of 96 patches in sizes S (36 dots, clear colored patch), M (36 dots, paw patterned patch), and L (24 dots, clear colored patch).

NO MORE PICKING AND POPPING: Pop on the perfect-sized patch and fade your worries away! Each patch contains Salicylic acid, Tea Tree Leaf Oil and Niacinamide* that conceals blemishes easily and helps relieve skin concerns. *Niacinamide is only included in Dark Spot

FAST RESULTS WITH HYDROCOLLOID PATCH: Hydrocolloid Patches absorb impurities, reduces the risk of scarring by acting as a protective cover, and provides a waterproof barrier for your blemishes and acne! See results in 4-8 hours. For all skin types.

HOW TO USE: Clean and dry your skin. Apply spot patch on the troubled area. Wear 4-8 hours for best results. *TIP: Avoid moisturizers between the patch and your skin.

SIZE: Each set comes with 96 dots of various-sized patches (10mm/0.39 inch X 36 dots, 16mm/0.62 inch X 24 dots, 14mm/0.55 inch X 36 dots) on easy-to-peel sheets.

PETA ANIMAL TEST-FREE & VEGAN CERTIFIED: Under PETAs ‘Global Beauty Without Bunnies’ Program, I Dew Care assures that our products do not contain any animal derived ingredients and the brand does not conduct or pay for animal testing for any of our products.

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