Based in the Netherlands, The Ichigo Shop is the leading online store for Korean fashion and beauty products.

A family company

Why Korean Beauty?

After years of using Korean Beauty products ourselves, we found out that many people find it difficult to get these products in Europe. We decided to become a platform where not only you can shop your favorite Asian beauty products but also learn about routines, ingredients and make new friends with the same love for Korean Cosmetics. Korean Beauty products have become famous for their great price/quality value and innovative techniques. If you try it once, you will be hooked!

Ichigo Mindset

We promote being different and being comfortable with it. Our team consists of different people from different nationalities, age, race, and skin type. All of the brands we carry are thoroughly selected and tested by our team before they enter the store. All brands we carry are cruelty-free and our store includes a variety of vegan Korean skincare options as well.

Collaborations & Sponsorships

Currently, we only work together with Instagram accounts and other social media influencers who have at least 10K followers. Also, the type of content you post must be relevant to the products we offer.

Contact us

Important! We always respond within 3 days so please check your spam box if you have not received a message by this time.


Call / Kakao / Whatsapp: (+31)610802010

Registered by the Chamber of Commerce (KvK): 65530861

VAT: NL002341567B93


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