The Best Vegan Korean Beauty Products

We all now Korean Beauty for it’s amazing skincare, innovative formula’s and endless variations of sheetmasks. Even though there’s loads of Kbeauty with snail secretion, bee venom, horse fat and other animal derived ingredients there are loads of vegan options out there too. Honestly they aren’t even hard to find at all but to make […]

How to build your Korean Beauty Routine on a budget

So today we are going to address the elephant in the room. Is Korean beauty expensive? And can you actually start the whole Korean skincare journey when you just have a tight budget? Students, youngsters and our fellow beauty lovers in general don’t always have the big bucks ready to splurge. Even as a store […]

Korean Beauty for Beginners – How to use AHA/BHA

The Korean Beauty for beginners series continues with some informative ingredients posts where we cover the most popular and interesting ingredients which you can find in Korean cosmetics. Let’s start today with AHA & BHA! Physical VS. Chemical exfoliators Both AHA & BHA are chemical exfoliants. Chemical exfoliating products differ from physical exfoliators in the way they […]

Korean Beauty for Beginners – 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine

  Even though Korean Beauty is getting pretty popular here in the west I feel there is still a big lack in the basis knowledge of Korean beauty products. My main concerns are actually two things: 1 people buying products only for the packaging, 2 people thinking the Korean 10 step skincare routine is excessive […]

Korean Beauty For Beginners – Point Makeup

The Korean term ‘Point makeup’ covers eye makeup, lip and cheek products. The eye products are not much different from Western products however the way they are applied is significantly different. Where in Western makeup it’s mostly about achieving a sexy look (such as smoky eyes) Koreans tend to go for the cute look most […]