All orders must be paid within 2 days. If orders are not paid within 2 days your order will be automatically canceled. We can cancel your order anytime in the ordering process if we need to.


All orders are shipped by TNT post or DHL. We are not responsible in any way for any delays in delivery, lost or missing packages or any other errors made by the post office.

Product & pricing

All products are carefully selected or made by The Ichigo Shop which secures our high standards. At all times we have the right to adjust / change the pricing or to stop the distribution of a product.

Coupons & discount codes

Coupons & discount codes are only valid when applied in the correct way. When a coupon or discount code is applied in the incorrect way we will contact you and when needed ask you to pay the remaining amount. Your order will not be shipped until the payment is settled. Coupons do not apply on beauty boxes unless stated otherwise.

Beauty / Ttalgi boxes

Please be aware that the products we offer in the beauty boxes normally come at a much higher retail price. Therefore if you order more than one box your order will be combined and shipped into one box. If you would like two (or more) separate boxes you have to pay an additional shipping fee of €4,95 per box. Because the value of the beauty boxes are really high compared to the price we offer discount codes do not apply on beauty boxes.

Ichigo Hearts

By agreeing to the terms and conditions you also state to have read the Ichigo Hearts info page.

Refunds, returns & exchange

We refund only for damaged or incorrect items. When you have selected the wrong item yourself (such as size, color etc.) you may exchange the item for the correct size. Return shipping needs to be paid by the buyer. Please contact us if you need to return of exchange your item.

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