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Basically, you can request any product from any Korean brand. Major brands like Etude House, 3CE and others tend to be more easily available compared to smaller or newer brands. However, we will check for any product as long as it’s Korean or available in Korea.

Yes, you can! Please fill in a form for each product so we have as much details as possible. When we can get all of your requested products we will combine the total price in the ‘Requested Product’ page so you’ll only have to pay and confirm once.

You can also request other Korean products like snacks and homeware, however these might have a longer lead time since we are affiliated with mostly cosmetics companies and brands.


When you receive your quote, you will receive both the product price as well as an estimated timeframe for when your product(s) will be available.

Your order will be on hold until the day we receive your requested product. If you would like the additional products to be shipped separately before your item arrives you have to pay for additonal shipping. Please contact us if you want these items shipped ASAP.

Yes, your package will be ready to track as soon as we shipped it. There is no tracking for the waiting time of the requested items.

Order process

When you have received and approved your quote, you can check if there’s anything else you’d like from our website and prepare your cart. Finally, add the ‘Requested Product’ to your cart. If you are ready to order, message or email us and we will adjust the price to match your quote. After that, you can pay your order as usual.

The price of the ‘Requested product’ item needs to match the price of your quote. Therefore you need to message us when you are ready to order so we can amend the price to the correct pricing.

You can find the product page for the ‘Requested Product’ HERE. Make sure you message us when you are ready to order so we can adjust the price to match your quote.


If we have exceeded the estimated delivery time by 14 days you can cancel your order at no cost and we will refund the amount of the requested product. You cannot cancel your order while we are still collecting your product(s).

We put all ‘Request Product’ orders on hold until the day we are ready to ship your order. After we received the product and are ready for shipment your order status will change to ‘Complete’.

We have successfully acquired your product and are ready for shipment.

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