AMUSE Vegan Face All Palette

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An all-in-one face-and-eye palette that delicately combines variety textures of eye shadows, blush, highlighter to create your clear and bright looks instantly and effortlessly.

What is special ✨
‘- All makeup is completed with a 3 in1 multi-palette of eye shadows, blush and highlighter.
Amuse’s first multi-palette, featuring 5 different textures and 6 colors of eye shadow, blusher, and highlighter, allows anyone to easily and quickly complete a clear “Pure Glow” face makeup in one take.

– Moonlight & Peachlight Color Multi Palette with 6 Colors for Daily Makeup.
The Moonlight & Peachlight Multi-Palette is a palette consisting of 6 clear and various colors that can be used freely regardless of tone by collecting only the colors essential for daily face makeup.

– Clear and various 5 textures that create a pure glow look.
5 textures that complete AMUSE’s clear and transparent glow makeup.
[Eye shadow] Pure eye shadow:
– Soft matte texture that contains fine powder and blends clear and smooth.
– Moist Jelly Glitter texture with Colorful Shining Pearl.
– Melting shimmer texture of the shimmering pearls melts gently with your fingertips.
[Blush] Pure powder blush:
The fine and clear powder texture creates a soft blush and blurry effect.
[Highlighter] Pure Highlighter:
The clear highlighter texture, which reflects light evenly, has a healthy and natural highlighter effect.

– Clean & vegan mulit palette
Its formula & package is free of any animal products or by-products and is certified by EVE VEGAN.

– Amuse’s clear transparent design and transparent logo engraving symbolizing pure glow.

How To Use
EYE SHADOW: Apply evenly around the eyes using a brush or finger.
BLUSH/HIGHLIGHTER: Apply evenly and blend on desired areas using a brush.


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