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Centella Asiatica & Madecassoside • K-Beauty Ingredient Spotlight

It has been a while since we posted our last ‘Ingredient Spotlight’ post which covered vitamin C. In that particular post we asked you which ingredient you like to see next and Centella Asiatica overwhelmingly won! So what exactly is this magical plant and why is it popping up in all Korean skincare items lately? […]

Is alcohol in skincare really that bad? • K-Beauty Ingredient Spotlight

Remember back in high school when we got our first pimples and headed straight to the store to buy our first bottle of Clearasil? A couple years later I opted for the Clinique toner which almost burned your nose off if you got a whiff of the smell when you opened the bottle. I thought I […]

How to use Vitamin C • K-Beauty Ingredient Spotlight

Since you all seemed to enjoy our previous ingredient guide about AHA & BHA we continue this series with Vitamin C!  Like AHA and BHA, this is a very powerful active ingredient which can do wonders for your skin. And when I say wonders I do actually mean wonders because you can SEE your skin improving […]

How to use AHA/BHA • K-Beauty Ingredient Spotlight

Let’s continue The Korean Beauty for Beginners series with detailed posts on your favorite ingredients. Today we will cover the two ingredients that we get the most questions about AHA & BHA. Physical VS. Chemical exfoliators Both AHA & BHA are so-called chemical exfoliants. Chemical exfoliators gently slough off dead skin cells with active ingredients […]