Cosrx Clear Fit Blemish Cushion Review & Swatches

I had the oppurtunity to test out the Cosrx cushion from The Ichigo Shop as this one was used for quality control. I tested this cushion out in a few different ways and I’m gonna share my opinion with you all today.


I personally really like the packaging. It’s a very nice matte black with shiny black letters. It gives the cushion a more “adult-like/edgy” feel. Very different from the usual white and pastel-colored cushions. I find that it’s very gender neutral.


The first thing I noticed about the shade is that it has very strong yellow undertones. So if you’re someone with very pink undertones it might not work for you or you should look up some reviews from people with pink undertones. I personally am very pale with strong (light) yellow undertones. I would say I’m about a NC13-NC15* most of the time and in the summer a NC20-NC25* (depends on how “tan” I get). In the photos below I think I’m between a NC15* and NC20* as I wasn’t tan yet but because of the amount of sun we’ve had I had a bit more color in my face. If you’re as pale as me this cushion can work for you if you have yellow undertones. The shade worked better for me when I used a wet beauty sponge to sheer it out a bit. With the puff, the color was a little too dark for me because of the higher coverage, but the difference wasn’t too obvious and could be helped with either using some lighter concealer in the middle of my face or bronzing up my neck. When I went on vacation and got a slight tan (In between NC20-NC25)* it was the perfect shade. *These shades are a guideline. I’ve never used Mac cosmetics. In Korean shades, I am usually between a #13 and #21 (usually during winter, fall, and spring). In the summer I tend to be a Korean shade #21 or slightly darker (when I have a tan).

Formula & Performance

I tried the cushion out as soon as I got it. First of all: this cushion has HIGH coverage. Not quite full coverage, but definitely high coverage. I didn’t have any redness peeking through but it didn’t completely cover my acne scars. For me personally, the coverage is a bit much since I usually wear more light coverage foundations and BB creams. You only need a little bit of product at a time. I made the mistake of putting too much on my face. You literally only need to press once (softly) to have enough product to cover your whole face. Below I added a photo of the first time I tried it. Now, I also tried out a new sunscreen before using this cushion and the sunscreen didn’t work that well with my skin as it stuck to dry patches and any kind of texture on my skin which made the cushion look textured on my skin. But I just wanted to show this photo to let you guys see the coverage. The setting looks more high coverage in real life compared to on the photos and the coverage also lasts throughout the day. It doesn’t fade at all!
I specifically chose to show my chin since I have the most problems there. Most of the marks you see on my skin are acne scars which I never seem to get fully covered with any of my foundations or concealers. In this case, the cushion did pretty well in covering them up, even if it didn’t cover them completely. The cushion did cover all of my redness and covered new pimples pretty well. The texture of my skin on these photos doesn’t look amazing but that’s because of a new sunscreen I was trying as I stated earlier. I wanted to show these photos mostly for the coverage. The next day I tried it again but this time I applied a little on every part of my face with the puff and then I blended it out with a wet beauty sponge. I found that this works the best for me as I like a more natural coverage on a daily basis. You can see that on these foto’s that the texture of my skin doesn’t look as bad because I didn’t use the sunscreen this time. Without the sunscreen, I feel like the cushion actually gives a slightly smoothening finish. With the sponge, it gives a lighter coverage but it does look more natural.
The finish of this cushion is definitely more on the glowy/dewy side. It’s not matte so if you have oily or combination skin (me) you might want to powder the oily parts of your face. I wore it for about 8 hours without touching up and even though I looked oily, the foundation still looked intact. The coverage was there, it still looked pretty smooth and for the most part, it didn’t look patchy.  

Final verdict Cosrx Clear Fit Blemish Cushion

This cushion has a nice sleek and gender-neutral packaging which gives it a slightly edgy feeling. The coverage of the cushion is high when used with the puff it comes with and light to medium when used with a wet beauty sponge. The cushion slightly smoothes and gives the skin a glowy finish which looks really nice from a small distance. The cushion also photographs really well as it gives the skin an airbrushed look. The shade #21 is very yellow so it might not work for people with very pink undertones. Overall the cushion lasts well throughout the day. After 8 hours (without touch-ups) I’m quite oily but the coverage is still intact and the cushion hasn’t turned patchy or flaky.
I give this cushion 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend it.
  Disclaimer: this product was provided to Ginny for free in exchange for her honest opinion and review. Interested in writing your own guest review on our blog? Join our Facebook group the European Korean Beauty Community, or send us an email at

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    That’s a great review, but I can’t seem to find the shade of the cushion your wearing? 🙂

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