5 New Year’s Resolutions For Better Skin

We all have those new year’s resolutions we try again every year: start eating healthy, quit smoking or losing a couple pounds. How about this year we try to improve our skin and show ourselves the best version of our skin we have ever seen! Just see your skincare routine as a little pampering for yourself, just a little me-time and that 10 step routine will over in seconds.

So what if you already have a established a pretty decent skincare routine? There’s a lot of small, skincare and non-skincare related things you can adjust in your daily life that can improve your skin drastically. We will introduce you today to 5 of my favorite tips that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their skin but especially those of you with oily and acne prone skin.

Changing your pillow cases

By changing your pillow cases more often you are creating a cleaner environment for your skin to restore to it’s maximum while sleeping. Your skincare products, sweat and sebum accumulate on your face while sleeping and rub off on the pillow so changing these once a week is a good start. Also, changing your other bed linen regularly may help you if you suffer from body acne. If you want improve your skin’s beauty sleep even more opt for silk pillowcases. Some of silk’s hypoallergenic properties include a natural resistance to many allergens including mold, fungus and dust mites. Silk’s smooth texture also prevents any folds in your face when you might had a little too much champagne on the 31st.

Clean your phone

Whip out those alcohol wipes and kill those bacteria please! Smartphones are a big source of skin problems and can contaminate your face with bacteria. Combine this with makeup and oil and you have a winning pore clogging combo. People with one sided acne can eliminate the culprit easily by wiping their phones with an anti-bacterial wipe. Most phones have a special coating layer over their screens which can be stripped away by cleaning it with alcohol really often, so if you worry about this head to a phone store and stock up some cleaning products which are specifically designed for smartphones. If you have an office job and use the phone often clean it every time you arrive to prevent any breakouts.

Don’t forget to clean your other gadgets like headphones, keyboards and laptops as well. You are touching these things frequently and then probably touching your itching pimple afterwards. Sounds disgusting? It is! Infecting or creating pimples by touching your face happens more often than you might think. So stop touching your face please.

No double dipping allowed

No, we are not talking about taking a bite of your dumpling and then dipping it back into the soy sauce. I’m talking about how you are actually applying your skincare products to your face. Are you using those cute mini spatulas? Good! Still using your fingers to dunk into the tub instead of a spatula? Change that first. Lot’s of Korean moisturizers come with little spatulas so after a while you have saved yourself quite the rainbow collection. If you don’t own a spatula yet, you can get these pretty much everywhere online. First, wash your hands. Use your spatula to scoop some of the product onto the back of your hand or directly onto your face. Massage the product into your face and rinse the spatula with hot water. Clean them again weekly with a cleanser or pop them into the dish washing machine.

Use your sunscreen

If you know me personally, or even asked me skincare related questions you know I don’t joke around about sunscreen. I religiously wear sunscreen almost 365 days year round. Yes, also in wintertime and also when I’m not going out. The only time when I don’t wear sunscreen is when I’m staying inside all day and I’m not close to a window. Think I’m crazy? Think again! Not applying sunscreen might be the reason why there is a dark spot on your face on the exact same spot where you popped that pimple a while ago. Or it might be reason why that spot you already had turned even darker..  Am I scaring you already? Good! If I triggered you to start wearing sunscreen and you want to learn more about selecting the right sunscreen for your skintype you can read our detailed blog post here.

Drink more water

Even if this is the most boring tip of the list I’m still going to mention it. Your body desperately needs water, and lot’s of it. Start by increasing your water intake as soon as you can. After a short while you can already see the difference. Your skin will look more supple, healthy and feel more moist. If you don’t like plain water, try adding some fruits or herbs to give it more taste. Switching your fruit water with 2 cups of green tea is also a great idea. As green tea is known for it’s anti-oxidant properties it will help your body flush out any toxins and reduce overall inflammation.


As final words of wisdom I like to ask you to invest a little time into your skin. Read some blogs, do a little masking, read the packaging before you purchase so that you are aware of what you are putting on your skin. If you combine this with the tips above, trust me, your skin will reward you with a happy, healthy glow!


I wish all of you cuties the best for 2018, the year of the dog!




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